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Vans shoes and more up for grabs - enter now!

Vans shoes and more up for grabs - enter now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Thanks to Vans, you lucky people have a chance at winning a set of Vans “Era Pro” shoes, classic hooded top and Off The Wall t-shirt.

All you must do is answer the following…


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  1. steve

    captcha not working

  2. mrs susan martin

    not working for me either! come on guys sort it out it’s a great competition

  3. G. L.

    Captcha giving headaches!

  4. S

    not captcha! always happens on your comps! pls fix!

  5. mrs susan martin


  6. Elizabeth Ferguson

    captcha not working :(

  7. Greg Dykes

    right mouse click on the captcha icon and click inspect element in chrome or FF you will be able to scroll down and find the captcha 😉

  8. Rich

    Hhhhmmmm !!!!

  9. Hayley Lyddiatt

    Its not working…I was hoping to win these for my son for xmas pressie to :(

  10. Elizabeth Wragg

    lovely competition x


    captha working ok now

  12. judith

    downtown showdown. captcha on the blink guys

  13. judith

    hi guys , if it doesnt show the captcha just leave a comment above and when you submit below it should turn the page and then check back to where you fill in the captcha and it will be there.

    1. Jim

      Chris Posted on Thank you so much for posting this pitucre. I love seeing natural pitucres of happy moments in people’s lives. There is so much tragedy and sadness in the news. This website is one of my happy places .

  14. Martin Cass

    Not working in FF

  15. NIcola Docwra

    Excellent Prize

  16. Steve Belshaw

    Love Vans gear. The hoodie is well cool : P

  17. Karen Gillespie

    Captcha not working. Answer for comp is downtown showdown

  18. LORNA

    Captcha not working
    Answer Downtown Showdown

  19. Kevin Kusman

    captcha not working

  20. John Rutland

    would like the hoodie

  21. Cheryl Edwards

    downtown showdown

  22. Alison Johnson


  23. Darren Parr

    Great prize love Vans gear

  24. keren mary curran

    Downtown Showdown captcha not working

  25. Helen Buchanan

    Wow my daughter would love this funky urban prize

  26. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    No code appears, please fix it

  27. Sean Hoggard

    code not working

  28. steve

    very nice .yes please

  29. Chris

    Same here captcha not working

  30. Simon

    Broken Captcha

  31. Victoria

    Same as everyone elsa – No Captcha

  32. Victoria

    Filled in comment, gone back and filled in Captcha, it worked thanks.

  33. Tina Warne

    No captcha

  34. g

    not working captcha

  35. sophie Fowler

    Downtown Showdown

  36. Russell Poynter

    Cool comp if the Captcha worked!

  37. naomi

    captcha not working :-(

  38. Rick Yarnley-Cave

    Sort the captcha out dudes!

  39. Thomas

    captcha not working

  40. Tara Berry

    captcha not working :(

    1. Tara Berry

      ok now. Thanks

  41. Deena

    Downtown Showdown

  42. daniel coverdale

    Would love this!

  43. Steve

    Super Smashing Great Prize!

  44. Kay

    Great prize

  45. Andrew Barnfield

    Captcah broken

  46. janine baker

    downtown showdown, no captch for me to copy

  47. Alex

    Captcha not working

  48. Alex

    I just commented to see if it worked, if you leave a comment then it refreshes the page somehow and captcha starts working

  49. Adrian Thornton


  50. June Etherington


  51. Kamara

    Need the captcha :(

  52. claire mudie

    Can’t get the captcha to show ! But the answer is Downtown Showdown

    1. claire mudie

      Got it ………. for all those who can’t get it to work – i kept refreshing and it showed – worth a try ?

  53. Harry Radford

    I can’t get the caption to show either – very annoying .. Have tried refreshing the page and this hasn’t worked . Have also tried right clicking on mouse but doesn’t work either

  54. simone lee

    same problem as above

    answer : Downtown Showdown

  55. Joe

    Captcha works if you comment.

  56. Patrick

    Great Prize all the same

  57. SHAZZ

    Thanks just entered.

  58. Milo barber

    How do u get the caption????

  59. Emma S

    Downtown Showdown

  60. joel hackett

    A:downtown showdown


    Downtown Showdown

  62. Stuart Dunlop

    Downtown Showdown

  63. Judith Luscombe


  64. Linda Thorn

    Downtown Showdown


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