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"St Anne's: Full Circle" documentary - part 1 online now!

"St Anne's: Full Circle" documentary - part 1 online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

“Behold…some genuine St Anne’s history.”

The first part of Peter Adam’s amazing “Full Circle” documentary charting the rise and fall of the legendary St Anne’s plaza in Belfast is now online and waiting to be watched below!

Part 1 starts out with the plaza’s construction in 1993, then details how it quickly became Northern Ireland’s all encompassing answer to EMB despite the constant presence of some of Belfast shady undesirables. With rare archive footage and interviews from Jay Dords, Conhuir and Denis Lynn, Hippy, Mini Brown, Chris Shannon, Pete Adam and countless others.

Part 2 will be online next Wednesday starting with the appearance of Bernie Rea, so head back then for more Irish skate history!

  1. Nik Muzka

    Me, paul power, Simon shanks and Galway were the fist people to skate st Annes the day they layed the paving stones and the first walls. We dubbed it the new place

  2. Nik Muzka

    Wow. Amazing footage. Brings back so many memories. Can’t wait to see the second

  3. Griz

    Wicked doc. Hurry, hurry with p2…

  4. chris mccomish

    Amazing to see this, brings back so many crazed memories. gettin’ chased out of the multi story for skating down the exits and then heading round to st.annes for the whole saturday afternoon. good times, though I slipped a disc there one saturday on the steps and a month recovering, missed summer exams at school so that was a bonus!

  5. Ally mcmullan

    Good old days in st annes! That place made me what i am today! Hope youre all well! Ally


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