The Welsh (and Churchill) do the American NorthWest – blog part 1

As I type this, the Monster and Vans backed rabble of Marc Churchill, Jake Collins and Beanhead, with Lee Dainton and Jerome Loughran on documentation duties, are out in the American NorthWest, taking in as much ridiculous skateable concrete as they possibly can.

Jerome fired us over a blog from the first few days of the trip – have a browse below now to see what they’ve been up to, and keep an eye out for part 2…

Bye bye London...
We had some small planes to travel over to The States - flying for over 21 hours offically sucks!
Landing in a wet and windy Philly...not the best start!
Things got better when we landed in Seattle after one hellride of a plane journey. Our first mission was to get the ferry to Orcas Island - Jake was stoked.
This is what the best park in the world looks like. If you have not been here, its one of the "musts" in life.
You know that Lee was filming everything! He is a 24hr filming machine. Every angle covered!
A day of shredding can take it outta a fella - Beanhead was dead tired, time to get the last ferry back...

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