This is absolutely amazing, documentation from the Hastings scene between 1979 and 2014 is the one; seeing the development of tricks and cameras whilst complimenting this rad scene! Quotation from the man behind it ‘Mark Richards’

“..with this edit I wanted to show as many of the Hastings (& surrounding areas) skaters as possible from 1979-2014.. 35 years!! I’ve tried to make this as complete as I can & I’m sure there are many missing (mainly due to lack of footage.. sorry if your not in this & should be).. this is my best attempt & as far as I’m aware this is the 1st time anything like this has been done.. I’ve loved being part of this skate scene & its great to see it continuing into the future.. here’s to the next 35years!!

Many thanks to: Tom Pickard, Joe Sandland, Sam Roberts, Jono Coote, Asher Thornton, Toby Shaw, Paul Shell, Zane Strong, Kieran Brooks, Lewis Wadham, Marcus Levere, Julian Wallinger, Robert Dennard, Joe Wood, Ashley Potter, Scott Mandefield, Asante Fowler, Alan Rsh, Glenn Ogilvie, Daniel Tubb & anyone else who helped out with footage & info.”

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