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Ten Years of Kill City – Ollie Tyreman’s “Tourettes” section.

Ten Years of Kill City – Ollie Tyreman’s “Tourettes” section.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Dainton continues to bring out the classics as Kill City Skateboards celebrates its tenth birthday, continuing on today by sharing with the world Ollie Tyreman’s section from their debut DVD release, 2003’s Tourettes.

There’s plenty more lurking in the Kill City vaults yet – stay tuned…

  1. Mike

    To me this is totally skateboarding. Remember seeing that cobble stone-sorta gap ollie in the mag around 04. Not seen a part from him since though. Any news on a new part? Still sponsored right?

    1. Olly

      Hello mate, just been told about this being put up like. I have a full new part on rob smiths new project which premiers at the blacksheep party tommorow night. Safe


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