Sunday Service

Sunday Service: Vaughan Baker – “First Broadcast” (2002) We´re giving your inbox some time off this week, as due to several technical gremlins we´re not able to send out our newsletter today. Don´t worry though, it will be back in full effect next weekend.

Anyway, to celebrate Vaughan Baker´s recently announced move to The Harmony, we thought it was only fitting to bring you some undeniably classic Vaughan this week, in the shape of his still ridiculous end section from the Covert Media 2002 release “First Broadcast” by Dan Magee and Adam Mondon. Get stuck in below, and if this section leaves you wanting more, you can watch the whole video, also featuring Colin Kennedy, Frank Stephens, Mark Baines, John Rattray, Ali Cairns, Paul Shier, Nick Jensen and others, by clicking here!

See you next Sunday…