Behind The Scenes: Landscape in Cyprus – part 1

Did the Landscape in Cyprus article in the latest issue of the mag leave you wanting more? Well fear not, as Chris Johnson brings you a two part “Behind The Scenes” snapshots special from the trip, with more from Snowy, Joey Pressey, Rory Milanes, Nick Stansfield and Hold Tight Henry!

Have a browse through part one below, then check back tomorrow for part 2!

After a stressful sprint around Gatwick in the early hours, we just about managed to get on our flight. 4 Hours later and we were stress free in Cyprus.
Snowy adopted the classic "British tourist who can't take the heat" role before we hussled for hire car number 2 (one which actually worked) and headed down the coast to Limassol, our home for the next 7 nights.
Bags dropped off, booze picked up and we got stuck into the local cuisine in one of the local Cypriot hang outs.
Snow and Joey were up for one of the local clubs.
Rory and Nick didn't exactly need their arms twisting either...
Later that night...
Hangover cure No.1
Hangover cure No.2
Hold Tight Henry was lovin' filming in a deserted Aiya Napa.
Early sunsets looked RAD but were a constant spanner in the works.