Quiksilver in Brazil – blog 1

The UK Quiksilver squad are currently on a pre-winter getaway over in Brazil, with Pete King, Ross McGouran, Sam Bosworth and Dan McDermott in tow, James Stentiford on TM duties and Chris Johnson in charge of all things photography based.

Keep an eye on the site over the coming days for regular updates from the trip, starting right now with a handful of snapshots and a little line from Ross…

A traditional Sao Paulo street restaurant - Chris decided to stick to crisps and coke!
Bozza at Sao Paulo's most famous block spot. Taking a rest after being chased by twenty Brazilian school girls shouting "Justin Bieber".
Brazilian Ditch session. The water claimed Ross's only set up when Bozza forgot he was meant to be on board catching duty .

Ross fires out a quick park line for your eyes and enjoyment:

Quiksilver in Brazil – blog clip 1: Ross McGouran >>