Independent Vert Series 2012 – Mt Hawke footage. Scotty, Anderson, Goff…

Last weekends Mt Hawke leg of the 2012 Independent Vert Series went off with a massive Cornish bang!

Check forumite Nextman’s two edits from both the A and B group sessions below now to witness some next level UK vert destruction from all involved. Full report from the day coming soon…

A Group:
UK Independent Vert Series 2012 – Mount Hawke A Group

1st – Andy Scott
2nd – Jacob Anderson
3rd = Oakley Liddel & Sean Goff
5th – Adam Halverson
6th = Matty Carlisle & Jim T Skin
8th- Zak Cutz

B Group:
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1st – Hem
2nd – Zippy
3rd – James Hayney
4th – Ricardo
5th – Manfred Kutz
6th – Mike Stanley
7th – Jesse Thomas
8th – Reese Douglas
9th – Lois Pendleberry