DC’s “Lloyds Big Three” comp footage with Korahn Gayle and co.

Despite the stop/start rain all day, DC Shoe’s rescheduled “Lloyds Big Three” comp actually managed to go ahead on Sunday, though was cut short due to yet another untimely downpour.

Before the rain stopped play completely, the likes of Ash Dixon, Ollie Lock and Joe Mercer put down several personal NBD’s, though it was obviously Korahn Gayle who laid down yet another genuine “first” at the Bristol proving ground, taking home £500 cash for adding yet another ridiculous Lloyds never been done to his seemingly endless list.

Watch the video from the jam now, and keep an eye out for the next installment of DC’s “Gert Big Three” jam, which will hopefully be taking place in April.

DC / MONSTER / FIFTY FIFTY Big Three Jam from RICH SMITH on Vimeo.

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