Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria – blog 2

The second blog from the Gnar Canaria crew is now in, with Ben Raemers, Chris Oliver, Scott Howes, Sam Beckett, Will Harmon, Daryl Dominguez, special guest Barney Page and co taking care of mid winter business in the Canary Islands.

Get stuck in below – we’ll have more for you soon enough so keep checking back…

Ice Cube's "Are We There Yet?" in Spanish didn't amuse Will much.
This amazing stuff is cheap and readily available. Perfect for passing time during rainy moments.
Default saved my life. Will making the most of the free WiFi spot...
...everyone making the most of Default...
...well, everyone except for Barney, who just laughs at the crews gadget dependence.
Roughly 2am, throwing shapes. Safe to say the following days weather forecast wasn't too promising.
Can't remember taking this shot of Barney, but it's definitely inspired by booze.
The collection in Room 311 was off to a healthy start.

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