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'Albion' London premiere photo gallery - online now!

'Albion' London premiere photo gallery - online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Saturday night saw the new independent UK video ‘Albion’ premiere to a literally packed out Wayward Gallery in London.

Plenty of booze was consumed, Morph gave the video an enthusiastic running commentary (“Count the pushes….none, innit”) and the limited edition DVD/zine packs sold out before the clock struck 9pm.

Ayumi made the journey down from Wakefield to document the evenings proceedings, and her gallery of snapshots is ready to be perused below.

Albion premieres for Liverpool, Leeds and Belfast will all be taking place this coming Friday night, so if you couldn’t make the London premiere, be sure to make it to your nearest screening to take in new footage from the likes of Denis Lynn, Jak Pietryga, Horsey and Ben Raemers, alongside Tom Penny, Charlie Birch, Nick Remon, Kris Vile, Karim Bakhtaoui and countless others.


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