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Win Emerica Hsu Gear!

Win Emerica Hsu Gear!

Everyone with a pulse rates Jerry Hsu as one of the best and original street skaters of our time. With his quirky take on skateboarding and a unique style, who wouldn’t want to be like him?

Well, guess what? Now you can at least emulate his dressing steez with this great giveaway! Simply enter this easy peasy question…

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  1. Jay Collett

    Ahh… I won this! Still have the Cardigan, the tee and the shirt. The shoes were skated in, worn every day and NASS’d in. So they were well and truely used, and the jeans got grown out of, but were worn everyday! So, thanks SIDEWALK for being absolute legends, and being one of the only places that run competitions worth winning!! So thanks again <3


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