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Great Big Element Giveaway!

Great Big Element Giveaway!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Just like Mark Appleyard you could be receiving a bunch of Element gear delivered direct to your door.

We have 2 decks and 2 DVDs to give away, and all you need to do is answer the following question.


  1. Roy Fokker

    Thanks for having this contest!

  2. jason walsh


  3. Connor

    Thanks for doing this comp i love element!!!

  4. james

    Get Busy Living is some sick footage released a few months back. It was a promo DVD with Kingpin skateboard magazine. A fair bit of European footage following European Representives of Element Skateboarding. Five years on from their debut.

  5. Michael Menon


  6. christiaan jones

    board snappped need new one plus ends on my birthday!!! yeah

  7. Lex

    wen duz itt endd ?

  8. tye


  9. Max K

    God i so wish i could win this because my deck has snapped and im deckless

  10. sam edwards

    element is amazin and i just snapped my deck doin a six set so i really need this


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