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Enjoi Skateboards Louie Barletta based giveaway!

Enjoi Skateboards Louie Barletta based giveaway!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


  1. jack

    i hope i win skate boarding is my life your awesome

  2. jack

    skate boarding is my life your awesome

  3. jack

    the decks look sick they look good

  4. jack

    that makes me feel hungry

  5. jack

    I smell like aids.. and ass kissing

  6. tommy

    Im going to win

  7. tommy

    jack what your best trick

  8. isobelmccabe

    I hope I win this prize for my son-in-law……

  9. josh

    WOW what a giveaway
    hope i win and goodluck everybody

  10. g-man

    i never win any thing maybe ill be lucky this time

  11. solly

    I realy need a new deck

  12. Kyan

    I hope i win ;D my deck is stolen :(

  13. bob

    my mate won this BITCHS

  14. james

    off to jobclub on a wednesday, busy looking for a real job, whynot try a bamboo burger, packed with Eucolyptus Relish, all a Panda needs to keep one happy for hours.

  15. Anthony

    I really need this… I dont own a board at the moment

  16. Ellzee,

    amazing brand amazing prize, jeez i love enjoi. please let me win ! in need of a new deck coz i broke mine attempting a double kick of a box :'(

  17. alfie

    hope i win for my sons 8th birthday hell enjoy riding it with me goood luck every one



  18. Nicholas Rucker

    I really like skateboarding I need some decks


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