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DGK killer comp giveaway!

DGK killer comp giveaway!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


  1. zoe lenton

    we love dgk

  2. bubbles

    awesome gear not sure about the question though

  3. bubbles

    rad gear not sure about the question though

  4. Dee

    Cool comp – killer prizes will tweet it :)

  5. Ryan

    The question form should be visible underneath the main competition text – DO NOT post your answers as a comment.

  6. DMC

    i really want them jeans and the deck (Y)

  7. adeliene

    I would love to win this for my grandson

  8. lagshfghlkz

    i cant fined where to right the anser i know it but i dont know where to right it

  9. Josh

    how to you enter the comp

  10. Mansour

    How do you answer the competition

  11. Ethan myers

    I would love to win

  12. Ethan myers

    Because I love DGK and I have never win


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