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Livi Fun Day montage

Livi Fun Day montage

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Zander has come across some old footage from previous years Livi Fun Days, with unseen angles of Livi savagery from the likes of Stu Graham, Div, Ben Layden, Ben Grove, Chet Childress, Jimmy Boyce and others.

Watch it underneath – don’t forget this years Livi Fun Day takes place on Saturday, click here for the info!

  1. zander

    This is not mines!!, its some guys on youtube haha.

  2. Anth.

    Sweet, I made this film, Jimmy Boyes and myself filmed it all over a few differant years, I put it together ages ago with the intention of using on a DVD but never actually got round to it so decided to put it on Youtube so everyone would get a chance to check it out, hope you all enjoy it, and cheers Zander for posting it up here.

  3. napalmjeff

    fuckin guid

  4. Chris

    That place is pure amazing, I’m from Belfast and it was the first actual skatepark I went to and it ruled (we still dont have one, although this is going to change soon). Me and some friends went in 1996 in a camper van and couldnt beleave the place, and how sound the locals were, they ripped the place, we did’nt.


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