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Win shirts and decks from Pariah.

Win shirts and decks from Pariah.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


If you like tye-die then thrust your eyes at this rad Pariah giveaway. We have two decks complete with grip plus three sick tie-dye shirts! Simply answer the question below…

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  1. Chris

    How come you always do amazing giveaways in the latest issue of sidewalk you even give us stickers and many things so rad good company

  2. Chris

    Those t shrts and decks look so good

  3. Michael clyma

    Awesome prize, stunning decks and thirst, real head turners

  4. Rich

    Kool !!!!!!!!!

  5. David Atwood

    Stuff looks rad

  6. Eduardo

    Tight boards and shirts

  7. Nana Jasper


  8. Peyton

    B. Amir Williams

  9. josh hankins

    i like this


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