ON Video – the full Love Park documentary (2004)

To coincide with the ongoing release of Josh Kalis’ “Epicly Later’d” episode, Quartersnacks have decided to share with the world the now hard to find thirty minute Love Park documentary from ON Video that was first released back in 2004.

As the Epicly Later’d coverage of Kalis’ Love Park days is obviously more focused on Kalis, the DGK crew, stories and specific events more than Love itself, the guys at Quartersnacks thought it was only right to pay the legendary Philadelphia spot a bit more attention – so sit back and hit play below for the backstory to the parks original design, interviews with many of the main and influential heads found at Love over the years, including Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, Ricky Oyola, Bam Margera and others, plenty of classic footage from the early 90’s right up to 2004, the impact of the X-Games, the fight to save Love and more!

ON Video: Love Park Documentary (2004) from Quartersnacks on Vimeo.

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