Unabomber in Malaga blog – Day 3

The second full day of the Unabomber mission in Malaga was a bit of a slower than the first, as the rain wrote of the most part of the afternoon, not that the weather altered John Bell’s keenness to hammer himself into street architecture at a million miles an hour. Check the snaps below…

This guy was plain annoying. He might have fancied Daz, but Craig stopped the dude dead in his tracks. I don't think we'll be seeing him again...
Scott's a sucker for flashing plastic stuff.
John throws some serious shapes for the art and the bull.
Will and his new transport.
Manhead found these 'special shoes' on the beach so brought them back. Don't ask...
Another case of rain stopping play. Deja vu...
Looks slightly familiar.
Daz's siesta wax option.
Hipper and a half. John is unstoppable.
Post handrail hammering chill.
I swear that amused look is constantly on Will's face.
Last spot of the day took Craig out. Don't stand in puddles then try push on fresh marble floors, it won't end well.

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