The Harmony in Portugal

The first round of Leo’s snapshots from the over the weekend in Portugal with The Harmony lot are ready to be taken in below, featuring booze, booze, more booze, suffering and ass.

Final lot online tomorrow…

HD? Pfft, the next video from The Harmony is going to be filmed entirely on shandy-cam.

Tony should know better than to encourage Adams drunken attempts at the ‘Electric Vindaloo’.

Joe, Tony and Adam – when the wheels fall off (parts 1 and 2)

When the wheels fall off (and you rope in local females…)

Oh yeah, Joe smuggled Seany Little-Ears along.

“ROARRRR!!!” or summat.

Escaping the castle of liver and brain-cell abuse.

The local brik-a-brak shop produces a genuine crowd pleaser…

…and again.

Local skateboarding emporium, the name of which I have no idea.

Burning off last nights booze.

Top quality merchandise.


Oh yeah, that’s what you’re there for. Not just getting boozey and having a good lurk – skateboarding!

Well, saying that, Jak might be there for the ass…