The Harmony in Portugal

The blogs keep rolling in…

Peep the second round of Leos camera phone blog from the current Harmony trip out in Portugal below.

More tomorrow.

Joe, what are you doing to yourself, son?

Tourism part one.

The writing’s on the wall.

The Portuguese Harmony flow rider was out again, I see.

Those shins look about as far away from ‘mighty healthy’ as possible.

Tram stop chil ling.

Lets be honest – who doesn’t?

The next series of Harmony board graphics are starting to shape up nicely.

For some reason, Jabba the Huts green concrete wife didn’t seem to care about Jaks secret hardflip technique.

Tourism part 2.1.

Tourism part 2.2 – with added product placement.

On his never ending quest to get Wainwrights name removed from the Guiness Book of Records, Tone mistakenly decided to try down the bottle of washing up liquid. Joe tried telling him it wouldn’t work, but he wouldn’t listen.

Anyway, check back tomorrow to see whether Tone can ollie over Portuguese granny’s or not…

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