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Sunday Service: Matt 'Stalker' Keal - "Jus Foolin" (2003)

Sunday Service: Matt 'Stalker' Keal - "Jus Foolin" (2003)

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Released back in the middle of Matt “Stalker” Keal’s early 00’s killing spree, his section on Fifty-Fifty’s third shop video “Jus’ Foolin'” was a definite highlight of of the 2003 VHS, with a combination of classic Bristol spots, classic Stalker steez and classic RJD2 sounds.

Take a trip back to the Bristol of eight years ago now by pressing play below – “Jus’ Foolin'” is also online in its entirety, simply ram your mouse into the text that follows to witness more classic Brizzle antics from the likes of Flynn Trotman, Dan Wileman, Joe Habgood, Zak Pitter, Will Ainley, Paul Carter, Danny Wainwright and others! Click: Fifty Fifty – “Jus Foolin” (2003)

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