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Boardmasters Festival 2014 Results & Coverage

Boardmasters Festival 2014 Results & Coverage

Guy Jones Guy Jones

Boardmasters Festival 2014 definitely happened and if you require evidence, be it photo’s a results list or video footage we’ve got you covered. Just look below! Props to Joe Howard for taking placing numero uno, smashed it champ!


1st Joe Howard
2nd Jed Cullen
3rd Jake Anderson
4th Jak Tonge
5th Jordan Thackeray

Penny Best Trick Winner:
Jed Cullen


Jed Cullen – c. Sam Crosby

thursday 7th public skateboarding competitionthursday 7th public skatebo...

Open photo – c. Ryan Goold

saturday skateboarding_16

Greg Nowik – c. Scott Pattenden


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