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Sidewalk 174: Quiksilver in Brazil - Extension pt 1

Sidewalk 174: Quiksilver in Brazil - Extension pt 1

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Our latest “Extension” online feature is now in from the hard-drive and assorted memory cards of Chris Johnson, this time taken from Quiksilver’s UK team outing to Brazil, the full article from which can be found in the latest issue of the mag.

Stay tuned over the coming days as we bring you more snapshots and photography featuring Ross McGouran, Sam Bosworth, Dan McDermott, Pete King, TM Stenti and Brazilian hook up Otavio Neto.

Two full videos from the trip are also online right now, check them out at the following link – click: Quiksilver UK in Brazil – footage online now!

Quiksilver skateboarding photo
The Brazil crew
Dan McDermott skateboarding photo
Dan 'loves flying' McDermott
Pete King skateboarding photo
Pete 'bang your head' King
Ross McGouran skateboarding photo
Ross 'takes care of business' McGouran
Sam Bosworth skateboarding photo
Sam 'I'm honestly only 16' Bosworth
Otavio Neto skateboarding photo
Otavio 'hooks it up' Neto
James 'TM, skate every spot, loves to slam top to the bottom in a 10 foot bowl' Stentiford
Sao Paulo skateboarding photo
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo skatepark photo
One of Sao Paulo's many concrete parks
Ross McGouran skateboard photo
Rinsed after the Sao Paulo ditches
Sau Paulo skateboarding photo
Please tell me we don't have to climb it...

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