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Sidewalk 142: 'Newcastle Unplugged'

Sidewalk 142: 'Newcastle Unplugged'

Each day this week we’ll be bringing you an Online Content update, with a variety of exclusive footage and relevant clips that we have hand picked from the corners of the interweb, all of which tie in with various articles in this months mag.

To start things off, the ‘Newcastle Unplugged’ feature gets the Online Content treatment, with brand new ‘Toon Army’ clip courtesy of James C, featuring plenty of Tyne-side heads, and an assortment of trailers for a couple of Newcastle based scene videos that are currently in the works.

Keep checking back all week, as we have more from the Element team in Crawley, Nicky Howells, Skegness, Raul Navarro, The Harmony in Greece and Carl Shipman!

‘Toon Army’ montage, courtesy of James C: Skateboarding Videos >>

‘Way Up North’ trailer: Skateboarding Videos >>

‘Say Please and Thank You’ trailer:


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