Sidewalk 137 Online Content Available Now

Not contempt with looking at pictures and reading words in the mag? That’s OK, here are some related moving images to entertain you.

First off, this lot can be found on the hi-jacked Blogs Page

Interview: Ross McGouran: Ross’s section from Andy Evans 2006 masterpiece “This N That”.

Working Class Hero: Dave Walker: Unused footage of Leeds finest white van man, from “Yorkshire Puddings”.

First Light: Scott Howes: Short clip of offcuts courtesy of Henry Edwards-Wood.

First Light: Moggins: Moggins section from Matt Hirsts “Et Cetera”.

…and over on the Events Page we have…

Independent UK Tour – Part 1: Concrete: First of 3 exclusive edits from the UK Independent tour, featuring Ben Grove, Carl “Potter” Wilson, Rob Smith, Ben Raemers, Mark Munson and Div Adam. Don’t sleep, parts 2 and 3 coming soon…

Deathrace 3: Coverage from the final installment of carnage at Blackpool.

Crossfire Christmas Jam: Potter, Sweeney and everyone else get festive at Bay66.

Boardroom Second Annual Comp: Leicesters amazing little park gets rinsed.

This months competitions are ready and waiting for you over on the Competitions Page. Go win yourself some goodness from Plan B and Altamont…

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