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'Rugged Raw' by Jake Shunt - teaser online now!

'Rugged Raw' by Jake Shunt - teaser online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Two and a half years since he released his last Harlow scene offering ‘Crazy Ass White Bitches’, Jake Shunt is preparing to invade your TV screens once again with his latest VX based project ‘Rugged Raw’.

Start anticipating new footage from the likes of Horsey, Paul Storey, Josh Cox, Harry Hughes, Jon Readwin, Sam Hayter, Dan Adler and many more now!

Premieres are as follows…

March 8th – Harlow Square, 9pm.
March 14th – Parlour Skate Store, Mile End, 7pm.

Check the trailer below then stay tuned for release info…!


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