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Plan B: Torey Pudwill's Teaser

Plan B: Torey Pudwill's Teaser Does Independence Day take another twist? Plan B skater, Torey Pudwill’s latest film will be released on the American holiday but will it have the same amount of fireworks? I’m going to go with yes, if not more. This teaser gets the mouth watering for sure!

“Similar to P-Rod’s Me, Myself and I video released last year, and fresh from being voted the best street skater at the 13th Annual TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards, Torey Pudwill will be releasing his efforts worldwide on 4th July.”

  1. joeg

    this line is sick (and it makes me want to go skating)… but i fucking hate how plan b have tried to jump on the wagon for raw street skating! when real street skating is spontaneous and fun. the cunts at plan b couldn’t care less about street skating. they’re just a bunch on money hungry celebrities/buisness men, with sceduals and children to make money off. stick to comps and berrics, pricks


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