Photographers Stories 2013 – Paul Graham.

Dean Greensmith – rock n roll.

This was shot at Hastings skatepark on our annual trip down for the ‘Battle of Hastings’ event. The comp has a good turnout from people all over the country, with Scots even making the long trip down to the South Coast in the past. I think this may be due to a mix of the prize money involved (£1066/Euros), the popular jam format where most people can win some cash (even I won 20 quid this year, cmoac), the organisers including the exemplary creator of Florecast, Sam Roberts and the often hectic after-party.

I’ve had a couple of photos of Dean published in the past few years, but this has to be the gnarliest. Red Bull was sponsoring the comp, and decided to add this large extension to the gnarliest wall in the park. Waking up at the park to the sight of the builders putting up this wall, no one believed anything could be done on it. However during the comp both Jak Tonge and Dean got tricks on the extension, Jak rocking the side and Dean kickflipping onto it, followed by this rock and roll and a hurricane try! The following morning we woke up to familiar shouts of “why do I always spend my winnings on partying?!”

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