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Help Newquay get a concrete skatepark!

Help Newquay get a concrete skatepark!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

With a little help from all the regular Facebook users reading this, the well weathered “Wooden Waves” skatepark in Newquay could soon be replaced by a bang up to date concrete facility!

There has been some resistance to the plans to replace the park by one group of BMXers that seems to have caused a fair few headaches in terms of getting the project off the ground, so the Newquay park locals have set up a Facebook page to harness support for the rebuild.

Go join the “Newquay Skatepark ! Bring on the Concrete! No more Wood!” group now to find out more show your support.

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  1. Simon Gregg

    It just makes sense in the longterm, wood is good but concrete is better especially in the U.K Climate. Concrete dries quicker, less repairs.


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