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Ipath "Blazed and Confused" UK Tour Blog 2

Ipath "Blazed and Confused" UK Tour Blog 2

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Tez was back on the blogging case during the early hours of the morning – see below for a collection of snapshots from day two of the Ipath “Blazed and Confused” UK tour, which sees the crew avoiding dire weather in Scotland. More to follow…

God knows what comedy YouTube clip Rob is showing to the square one.
There's a good story behind this picture!
Go to Scotland and see Rab after a sleepless night with permanent marker evidence still slighty visible (just sweated off, not washed.) Standard!
Kenny stoked to be in Livi!
Rob C Nesbit dressed to thrill on a rainy day in Livi.
Danny Dicola cold steady chillin under the trees at Edinburgh while probably being amused by his fellow drunken UK riders.
Let it be known Ryan Lay is no slacker!
It was a galliant effort but the power of the Ipath team and Russ's squeezy were no match for the Scottish Summer!

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