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Gigantic Jart Skateboards giveaway - win boards and shirts!

Gigantic Jart Skateboards giveaway - win boards and shirts!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


Jart Skateboards have a rad new ‘Reuse, Reduce, Recycle’ range hitting the stores, and to start the ball rolling we have all of the above product, just for you! Yep, that’s…

One Jart Reuse Deck.
One Jart Reduce Deck.
One Jart Recycle, Reduce, Recycle Deck.
One Jart Reuse Deck.
Four Jart t-shirts (one not featured).

Simply answer the following…

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  1. gabriel

    need a new deck please you published my letter can i get this iam 13 and will keep buying please

  2. jordan muldoon

    JART…ive been buying these boards for quite some time from my local shop or anywhere i can find them, there good quality boards, supporting some top talented skaters and really support skaters all over the world with top class boards and clothing

  3. Jace Turner


  4. Jace Turner

    Please i need a new deck mine is super old i am twelve! I really will keep buying!


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