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Decimal's "King of the Road 2012" - edits online now!

Decimal's "King of the Road 2012" - edits online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Decimal Skateshop’s very own version of “King of the Road” hit Cirencester and surrounding areas again a couple of weeks ago, as two separate Swindon based crews took to the streets to tick off set challenges and generally have a laugh.

Get watching the clips below now…

EFB – with Sam Brandstatter, Mike Melrose, Scott McNab, Callum Gunning, Ian Devine, Ed Rusell and more.

3B/GLC – with Liam McKenzie, Sam Reilly, Mark James, Peter Reeves, Tim Maundrell, Luke Prout and others.

  1. TMaundrell


  2. Dude

    3b GLC killed it

  3. Jamie P

    Watch the second video!!!

  4. Jamal Miah

    3B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Cowshed

    EFB, well done boys

  6. Grant

    EFB ! eXcEllEnT w0Rk gUyS 😉


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