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Click Bait 2013: The Year in Review – Part 2.

Trocadéro Days – September 2013

Nuff mells, slappies, jump ramps and weirdness…Pontus accidently hit 88mph whilst tanking it down TBS and woke up in Paris, 1989.

Well, not really. What actually happened was Converse took Pontus Alv, Jerome Campbell and Harry Lintell to Paris in order to meet up with local Blobys representatives Kevin Rodrigues, Roman Gonzales, Vincent Touzery and Paul Grund, the crew gathered together some homemade kickers and bits of wood to assist wallrides and went on a proper late 80s inspired exploration of the French capital.

Pontus saw fit to expertly capture the whole session on Super8 and all who bore witness wanted to go skating. Or sit and talk about how much they wanted to go skating anyway. Cries of “Could barely watch the whole thing through because of the stoke fucking overload” “I’m going skating now” and Pontus=KING OF STOKE!!!” were commonplace upon the clips release, though some confused folk seemed more concerned on finding out where Pappalardo was hiding, or why he wasn’t in Paris with the crew getting street-grabbed over by Jerome. Never fear though, as YouTube user CaylanGee clearly has the answer – “WHo cares about pappalardo he doesnt skateanymore he build stuff with wood.”

If you don’t know, now you know.

Or something like that.

And yes, Vincent, Kevin, Roman and UnderGrund are quite literally the shit. Keep an eye on this lot over the coming months…