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CLASH 2011 - Results!

CLASH 2011 - Results! Curren CaplesCurren Caples – Photo: Adam Sello

This weekend transformed Skatehalle-Berlin into the Mecca of European skateboarding. With a lot of money of on offer it was Axel Cruysberghs who took the top spot in the Street comp along with €12,500. The remaining two spots went to Flip wonderboy Louie Lopez from California and Stuttgart’s Lem Villemin. Along with the street comp was the Death or Glory Bowljam presented by Zimtstern and youngster Curren Caples from Ventura, California managed to drop some jaws and put Jürgen Horrwarth in a close second place, followed by Frenchman Julien Benoliel.
The Vert Jam turned into a big showdown between buddies Jürgen Horrwarth and Renton Millar. With both flying various 540’s, smacked madonna’s and body jar’s on the coping, it’s one comp you have to see to believe.

1. Axel Cruysberghs (BEL)
2. Louie Lopez (USA)
3. Lem Villemin (GER)
4. Curren Caples (USA)
5. Andy Welther (GER)
6. Lennie Burmeister (GER)
7. Louis Taubert (GER)
8. Albert Nyberg (SWE)
9. Maxime Genin (FRA)
10. Neil Smith (GBR)

Death or Glory Bowljam presented by Zimtstern
1. Curren Caples (USA)
2. Jürgen Horrwarth (GER)
3. Julien Benoliel (ITA)
4. Martin Jurasik (CZE)
5. Ivan Federico (ITL)
6. Axel Cruys berghs (BEL)
7. Mickey Iglesias (SUI)
8. Robin Mentrup (GER)
9. Ferrit Batir (AUT)

Relentless Vertjam
1. Renton Millar (AUS)
2. Jürgen Horrwarth (GER)
3. Jussi Korrhonen (FIN)
4. Sam Beckett (GBR)
5. Pontus Björn (SWE)
6. Sam Bosworth (GBR)

Axel CruysberghsAxel Cruysberghs – Photo: Adam Sello

Renton MillarRenton Millar – Photo: Adam Sello

Street PodiumStreet Podium – Photo: Adam Sello

Bowl PodiumBowl Podium – Photo: Adam Sello

Vert PodiumVert Podium – Photo: Adam Sello

There will be loads of highlights going up throughout the week so make sure you keep your eyes on Sidewalk.


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