Here we have chosen ten powerslides that should be respected for whatever reason; be it gnarly, lengthy, stylish or inadvertent, we thought we'd share it with you.

There are so many to choose from so we thought we'd compile ten which initially come to mind then we'll continue to do sequential posts in the future. Whichever ones you think we missed this time around please don't hesitate to comment them below. Enjoy then flatspot your wheels for fun! Here is Vol.1.

Photo props - Leo Valls styling taken by Ben Gore

The first powerslide in this collection is from one Keegan Sauder. We're particularly fond of this as the risk of picking road/curb and general shit out your face is so high. Handling the gnarl in the most casual manner, go 'ed Keegan mate!

Powerslide a Skateboarding video by MPORA

The next clip is for a Jenkem x Spitfire wear test starring Piro Sierra and Ej Cuilan. The lads were released on the streets of NYC with the intention of getting as many flatspots as possible. Skitch powerslides are the one!

Jordan Trahan overdoses on steeze with this one, post road gap downhill powerslizzle followed by the cheekiest ollie, done oh so naturale! It also works so well with the tuuuuuune.

Jordan Trahan Quick Steeze a Skateboarding video by JonesGR

Have you ever tried to do a switch back powerslide before? They're champions league gnarly! In particular if you're on a San Fran hill mid line. Alex Odanahoe, we tip our hats to you!

Brian Anderson's back powerslide post smith grind is incredibly satisfying to watch. Not only does he do it with finesse but it's as if the whole line was leading up to the powerslide.

Julian Stranger knows how to bomb a hill and knows when to powerslide. Most people in his situation would be changing their nappy at several points in this but Julian keeps his cool and gains the utmost of respect from us!


Kenny Anderson makes the chill this cab back powerslizzle. Extracted from his Pretty Sweet part, who doesn't like Kenny ay?

Leo valls is reknowned for creative powerslides and has an absolute plethora or variants. Here is a selection of some which are particularly dope!

One footpush back nose blunt (above)

Leo and his mates having a lark on some marble floor, lovely stuff:

I like this one extracted from Magenta's Hill Street Blues 2, back power to front crunt power, oof!

All hail Cardiel! This sequence of powerslides down one of the gnarliest hills in Australia is ridiculous! You just have to see his wheel at the end of it to gauge how truly fucked up it is. Full time legend!

ALL HAIL CARDIEL a Skateboarding video by JonesGR