Sidewalk Issue_0000_cover3

Somehow the date ended up being printed incorrectly on this issue – it was 1996, not 1995 – see the Beat the Booze spread later in this post for an explanation.

People would flock to Broadmarsh banks in Nottingham to skate their mythical bricks curves throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Harry managed to get a skinful of training in whilst we lived there so this massive ollie grab was a ‘piece of peas’. Check the monster set-up and Simple shoes.

Sidewalk Issue_0010_1

Even back then this trick was ‘what the f*ck?’ Switch frontside flip grab by a fresh faced Mark Baines performed in the ‘shit and piss’ underpass just up the road from Broadmarsh Banks in Nottingham.

Sidewalk Issue_0009_2

After witnessing the mental ‘Tough Guys’ Ipswich scene video we had to visit Frank Stephens and his crew of merry men. It was literally 2-3 days of total roof and rail annihilation. Frank was into breathing fire so we had to include that element somehow. Then he jumped of a roof! (Channon King in the corner, look!)

Sidewalk Issue_0008_3

This was the pullout poster in issue 3, which was still graced with staples to hold the mag together at that point. Blinding shot by Wig as per usual - moments before touchdown.

Sidewalk Issue_0007_4

We were all over the East Coast this issue! This was a precursor to ‘guilty by association’, which we still run in the mag every now and then. Shit talking on each other basically. Both photos were shot in Norwich. Habgood used the power of his mop top dreads to frontside 180 R2D2 and C3PO, whilst Mat bluntslid in his Christmas jumper.

Sidewalk Issue_0006_5

Ben scored himself a feature in issue 3 following on from his classic contents page from issue one. We spent a fair amount of time in Cornwall, it was always a treat to visit Ben and Pin and see what madness they were up to. Nice wall Ben.

Sidewalk Issue_0005_6

This advert was before its time, nice, clean and understated. Tom and the rest of the Flip team were just warming up for the killing spree to come. Standard sleepy frontside flip from a snappily dressed magician.

Sidewalk Issue_0004_7

The stuff that legends (and these days court-cases) are made of! This was a regular Radlands comp that somehow spiralled into a Sunday afternoon piss up. The idea was to shotgun one can of beer and take your run, then wait until your second run and then shotgun another (whilst drinking at a leisurely pace throughout). Most people threw up mid run. Good times! Pretty much everyone’s names are spelt wrong in this article (Brian SUMMERS, backside nollie flip). Ha ha. Blame the cans.

Sidewalk Issue_0003_8

Look at that lava lamp looking spew coming from Matt Pritchard’s face.

“Holy Shit! Matt Pritchard must have been drinking meths"

Appearances by Matt Harfield and Damien Ince: “Damien, your dad’s fucking rad"

Sidewalk Issue_0002_9

This was fucking surreal. Colin Kennedy, Matt Pritchard & John Cattle from Panic skateboards were invited to perform on mid 90’s game show ‘You Bet’. The premise was to complete a few laps of the chucked together street course without falling off. Contestants would bet on whether they could do it or not. In the end, despite John Cattle having a bit of a nightmare, they completed the task and were awarded with the prize of that bellend Joe Pasquale saying ‘Shabba" in his ridiculously high-pitched voice for no apparent reason. We were a bi-monthly magazine back then too, (seems like a good idea).

Truly strange.

Sidewalk Issue_0001_10

The second Flip rider to score a yank advert in this mag! The team had only been there a few months. Look at those steez and that trademark pointy finger.

Still merking it twenty year later. BOSS.