As your body slumbers in a Christmas-induced torpor, inject some fun into your boxing day with this compilation of some of the best fun box footage lurking on the web. From Penny to Raybourn, Oliver to Grove, dust out the brain cobwebs and restore the stoke. At the time of writing the weather isn't all that bad, so you may even be able to capitalise on said stoke and actually go skate!

Above photo: Dominik Grzybowski

The obvious choice to kick this article off! Penny's trademark laid back steez in full effect as he takes care of business at the old Radlands indoor park in Northampton. Also worthy of a mention is this edit of him and Donny Barley chilling their way through a Tampa skatepark tech beatdown.

Almost the polar opposite of Penny's skating but just as rad; H is the epitome of raw fucking skateboarding and can throw down at any obstacles, with funboxes being no exception.

If someone got you a kickflip like this for Christmas you'd be STOKED.

It may not exactly look 'fun', but Ben Raybourn's transfer over a Detroit box is definitely gnarly!

Dean Lane's funbox has seen some action over the years, but Dan Wileman's tre bomb takes the biscuit if not the whole Christmas biscuit selection.

Chris Oliver takes the lesser seen Stockwell line in his welcome clip for Theeve Trucks back in 2011, ollieing the cheese in a couple of ridiculously hard directions.

Burnside resident and tech wizard Mike Chin takes the lesser chosen path in this clip from Tribute Skateboards' Why Wouldn't You? Mad underrated!

The centrepiece of Dev Green in Sheffield is steep and crusty, so Grove's backside 180 on the way to a fakie flip over the hip is pretty much rad!

Rowley flip melons with Germanic precision while the Chief thinks about benihanas!

Is there a better way to close a post than with Cardiel footage? Ollie over everything, South Shields from pre-Sidewalk magazine System. Merry Cardsmas!