Andy Scott is vert skateboarding's Sasquatch, its mermaid, its drop bear and its unicorn all combined into one eggplanting, lip tricking beast. One of the more elusive proponents of the four wheeled whizz plank, full sections displaying his vert prowess are thin on the ground - luckily snatches of footage from various competitions, random clips in scene videos and a banging selection of photos means that we can still offer you a solid picture of the Bolton Jedi's way with a ramp.

Above photo: Chris Johnson

Apart from his non-embeddable Spirit of the Blitz section with Blair McCafferty, which can be seen hereThis rare VHS-ripped footage from the 1994 British skate championships at Radlands is some of Scotty's earliest footage and sees him terrorising the ramp and steezing the fuck out of some backside airs.

In 1995 Flip Skateboards had just relocated from these shores to California and Andy Scott was a part of their first foray, seen here in a 411VM edit with Geoff Rowley, Rune Glifberg and Tom Penny. The 'Andy Scott' narration comes courtesy of Ali Cairns as the man himself was unavailable, adding a reassuringly disorganised element to proceedings.

This one kicks off with some gnarly transfer lines delivered with standard laid back steez at Bones in Bolton on what looked like one of the funnest looking mini ramp layouts ever, before a 6 wall vert line of aerial rawness at Stockport.

A cameo in the No War for Heavy Metal documentary, made by Alan Glass and John Cattle for Channel 4, sees Andy again on home territory at the now defunct Bones Skatepark. For someone who is seemingly at ease skating a gnarly transition for the first time, his local offers the opportunity to combine savage transfers and technical lip tricks even further; this is fucking poetry!

If I was a film critic, I'd probably mention the manner in which the juxtaposition of technical miniramp lip tricks and big fuck off transfers creates a tension within the work, making it more than the sum of its parts as it showcases the skateboarder in question's all-roundedness. Actually, I probably wouldn't say 'big fuck off transfers', or make up words like all roundedness. As I'm not I'll stick with A) Watch more Chris Atherton edits if you don't know, and B) Anybody want to build a replica of the Bones miniramp?

"Oh my god, I just saw a scrambled egg". Elsewhere asleep-at-the-wheel comp runs, mind boggling flip/grab variations and Cypress Hill keep up the hype for Andy's section in the Death video Better Than Life.

A trip to the States with Scotty, Div, Benson, Stu Graham and John Rattray is documented by Rattray here. None of those guys are afraid of a heavy transition session so you should know immediately that it's worth watching, get stuck in!

Scotty's section in stellar UK scene video Baghead Flats is a barrage of destruction laid down across various parks and vert ramps, nonchalantly banging out the hardest tricks and getting away with seemingly whatever he wants. This is pure Gonzo!

A vert ramp in Newquay gets smashed like a Cornish pasty in this ten tricks edit for Kingpin.

All out lip trick wizardy! Back smith fakies, frontside nosegrind reverts and back crail shuvits are just a few of the tricks banged out in this clip from the 2011 Boardmasters vert comp. The Andy Scott footage starts in at 2:21.

Inverts to fakie, staleslides, front rock slides and back sugarcanes; Blackpool's Ramp City vert ramp gets taken to task in an edit which also sees Eddie Belvedere stretching his vert legs, leading to all round rad.

While this only contains a couple of clips from each skater, it's worth posting for a rare sighting of Street Scotty as well as a couple of gnarly clips from the skinny vert wall which lurked in the shadows of the now sadly closed Central Skatepark in Manchester.

Synchronised stoke in the form of Scotty and Josh Young's doubles run from Wangl Tangl miniramp jam in 2011. Watching the final blunt line is in equal parts eerie and sick!

Hairy Bob's skatepark in Scarborough is always a good session, but chances are that you won't air over Eddie Belvedere or do blunt fakies and eggplants in the big bowled out corner of the street course.

Mechelen is one of the best DIY parks that I have ever been too, along with being pretty hard to skate. The Superdead team were clearly as stoked on it, as seen in their edit for Kingpin's The Drive competition. Everyone smashes it, with Andy Scott's feeble fakie and lines in the pool being particular highlights.

More Superdead ripping, from a point when it seemed like they were putting out a rad edit every other week. Andy and T-Bag give La Kantera's pool and concrete vert ramp an utter slaying while the rest of the team attack the park's other obstacles.

The 2012 Vans Warped Tour event came through London just in time to coincide with a leg of the UK Vert Championships - meaning some of the UK's best alongside Hosoi, Caballero and Alex Perelson. This obviously makes for a next level vert session captured here and including some Andy Scott gems from 3:15 onwards, finishing with a scrambled egg fakie!


Photo: Chris Johnson

flip egg alex irvine

Photo: Alex Irvine


Photo: Chris Johnson

andy scott flip bodyjar cj

Photo: Chris Johnson

andy scott back smith doorway cj

Photo: Chris Johnson

andy scott scrambled egg cj

Photo: Chris Johnson

andy scott noseblunt cj

Photo: Chris Johnson

andy scott belgian windmill cj

Photo: Chris Johnson

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Photo: Chris Johnson

andy scott front smith cj

Photo: Chris Johnson