A couple of weekends ago, Stockwell Skatepark saw a fairly unique event in its storied history in the form of the Repro X Vans Stockwell Shark Pit Jam. This saw Repro Print Division team up with Vans and Brixton's Baddest Skate Shop to build a selection of obstacles which would add a further layer of slamming potential to the iconic skatepark, as well as throwing in free beer, live music and undercooked meat for good measure. With an extended roll in next to the steps, an extension on the back wall of the bowl and, as a centre piece, a mini megaramp with an inflatable pool and shark in the middle, there was plenty of opportunity to damage yourself, and damage themselves people did. 

After a ‘warm up’ session on the back wall extension, which saw plenty of tricks go down, the launch and landing ramp were added and were moved ever increasing distances apart to stop anyone getting too comfortable. Stevie Thompson airwalked it, Filippo Baronello and Evan Binge did doubles, Taylor Jones got a backside boneless revert on the extension in a line and everyone hurled themselves lemming like at the concrete until all that was left for anyone to do was stand in the corner shakily sipping on a beer and watching the bands who played on a rickety makeshift stage next to the park - the live soundtrack comes courtesy of Kingston skateboarding's finest musical duo Slobheads, collaborating with the dulcet vocal chords of Ross Brunton in the making of emotional ballad 'Satan's Guffs'.

As grass roots skateboarding events go, it doesn't get much better than this so big ups to Repro Print Division, Brixton's Baddest and everyone who showed up and made it into one of the best sessions of the summer.  

Luckily for those of you who couldn't make it, Laurie Stearn was on hand to capture the session and you can press play below for the fruits of that featuring Ross Brunton, Josh Cole, Adam Johns, Jono Coote, Filippo Baronello, Ewen Bower, Felix Parker, Val Katz, James Hall, Diggs English, Amanda Perez, Jack Moore, James McInnes, Evan Binge, Stevie Thompson, Jake Gatehouse, Max Roton, Taylor Jones, Alex Lally and more.