Ever wondered what would happen if you crammed four Mancs, (well technically two Mancs, a Boltonian and an Aussie) and a load of high-end camera equipment into a Fiat Panda and let them loose on Europe? Prepare to find out, courtesy of long-time Sidewalk pal and master of early morning text messages, Isaac Wilkinson. What follows are the results of such an undertaking, fuelled by cheap lager and the kind support of Dickies through the eyes of Isaac himself. Avanti Jerry!



Arriverderci by Isaac Wilkinson

It's a road trip Jim, but not as we know it...

So it began with Eddie BelvedereRicky Davidson and Chris Barrett driving down from Manchester to meet your narrator (that's me, Isaac Wilkinson) in sunny London on Friday afternoon.

Once we finished packing the car like a game of slightly tired-eyed Tetris, we slotted ourselves into the car and began our epic 10-day road trip.

First port of call was Calais, where we duly boarded the ferry and made our way through into France. With the loosest of plans in place we relied on camping at the end of each night, which to be fair, worked out pretty well and so, after a few days spent shredding the French gnar, we bit the bullet and embraced the road ahead and headed deep into Europe, passing through Switzerland, Germany and eventually into Austria, straight to Landhausplatz in Innsbruck. At each stop along the way, various spots were scouted and sessioned, equally various discount supermarkets were stripped of bread, cheese and booze and footage logged.

Arrivederci by Isaac Wilkinson supported by Dickies Ricky Davidson

Without stopping to take a breath, we were back in the car and full steam ahead down to Lake Garde, Italy.

With 5 hours of the most scenic drive I have every experienced of my life through the Alps, we broke through to Italy and slept in a car park.

I can think of worse mornings - wake up, quick dip in the lake, back in the car and off to Bologna. Skated the gnarliest bowl and ate some shit too. Swiftly jumping back into the Panda (by this point we had already done 2000 miles) and headed back north to the beautiful city that is Milan.

Arrivederci by Isaac Wilkinson Eddie Belvedere

After a 4 hour drive to Milan, Eddie and Ricky shut down the train station ledges, before making a hastily escape back into the alps. As we came into France we decided it was best to ascend 2500m up to Lac du Mont Cenis. After a treacherous drive up the winding road of a mountain we made it to the lake, this is where we realised we should probably pitch our tents, for the first time on the trip, as there was still snow on the ground.

Arrivederci by Isaac Wilkinson Eddie Belvedere Dickies

The next morning was one I will never forget. An early morning mountain road skate as the clouds broke and the alps appeared before our eyes, it was a sight to remember. Once we made it down to the based of the mountain, we grabbed a coffee and continued our adventure. Next stop, Morzine.

Arrivederci by Isaac wilkinson Ricky Davidson powerslide Alps

Arriving into Morzine after a measly 6 hour drive, Lois Pendlebury greeted us and allowed 4 stinking men who hadn't showered for over a week into her humble abode. After one of the best showers of our lives, we were treated to an amazing vegan curry and some well needed rest, with a roof over our heads. The next day we spent the day shredding the local park in Morzine, everybody went in and we got some serious footage. Saying our goodbyes, once again we hit the road and began our journey north.

Arrivederci by Isaac Wilkinson Lois Pendlebury frontside rock Morzine

Making our way back through France, up through to Luxembourg after being informed of the new (ish) ridiculous skatepark that resides there. We arrived to that park and, lo and behold. a Red Bull competition was happening. To make matters even worse, the heavens opened, producing the heaviest rain storm I have ever experienced. We stuck around for a few pints before deciding to let Lady Fortune decide that the trip was over and set off for Calais and home.

Arrivederci by Isaac Wilkinson Chris Barrett frontside noseslide

Eddie powered through another 7 hour drive, stopping briefly to hit up the city of Lille the next morning after sleeping in a service station car park. Barrett destroyed his ankle at 7:30am, Eddie and Ricky both stacked a final few clips and we made haste for the coast. The Panda stormed onto the ferry and back to the UK: with the national anthem blaring and the white cliffs in sight we were back. Where would an intrepid group like ours head straight to after such an epic journey? Home? Bed? Nah, fuck that -  onwards we went to Stockwell where Eddie has his 87th wind and blasted an ollie over the bumps. Finally, we were done, the trip came to an end and it was only right that we finished the 4000 mile round trip with (another) quick pint in the local.


Eddie Belvedere is Death Skateboards' newest pro - Eddie also rides for DickiesNew Balance Numeric and Black Sheep Store.