Skate don’t Hibernate - a Ben Grove production

Coming as he does from a generation of skaters first launched into the national consciousness by indoor park events of yesteryear, Ben Grove knows only too well the cultural importance of skate comps and so, as he felt the kind of chaos he grew up enjoying was missing from his local scene, he only went and organised his own event, didn’t he?

Skate don’t Hibernate had a simple message: it’s December, the weather sucks, so come to Manchester and have a laugh and whilst you’re laughing, you’ll probably bag yourselves some free stuff.

Beast Rampz in Manchester is a massive indoor park currently feeding the winter needs of the nation and so with Grove at the helm they opened their doors to a huge crowd of locals and visitors alike who stormed the place and kicked off the winter blues with a brace of chaotic best-trick-jams that spanned the park’s many obstacles and generated almost enough heat to stop anyone dying of hypothermia.

Grove would like to thank the following people for their invaluable assistance: Cannabis Energy Drink, Levi’s skateboarding, RAW, Baker, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Zukie, Emerica, A Third Foot, Smuggling Duds, NOTE, Slugger Dist, Beast Rampz, Bob Sanderson, Amelia and Mark ‘Bez’ Berry.

Here’s some of what happened…

Photos by Chris Johnson


After running around the skatepark all day handing out prizes, goody bags and cold hard cash to the worthy, the Grove still found time to actually have a skate. For the first time in as long as I can remember Terry Tough Tits kept his shirt on and charged a trademark ninja kickflip over the entire length of Beast Rampz’ centre-piece fun box, an obstacle that most people struggle to clear with an ollie.

If you look in the background you’ll see the entire NOTE massive poised with iPhones and grins as their boy does his thing. Big up Grove.


Much to the delight of Brum elder statesman and microphone boss Bob Sanderson, a bunch of younger Ideal heads managed to break the Fastlands force field that has stunted the travel plans of the vast majority of Birmingham’s youth for the last few years and turned up en masse to kick the doors off.

Marcus Palmer, along with cohorts Jack ‘Noel’s House Party’ Frank, Dan Smith and Aaron Best killed off every aspect of the park whilst grinning and obviously having a great time. This hardflip revert was one of a multitude of bangers let off by Mr. Palmer leading to exclamations from the huddled masses along the lines of, “Who the fuck is that and how come I’ve never heard of him before?"

Well now you know – Brum massive in the house.


You can rely on Reiss Johnson’s presence at anything Beast Rampz associated, whether that entails organising vert jams with Wingy, or as in this case, flinging RAW Frisbees at people’s foreheads – little man will be there taking the piss and executing classically trained Andrechts all over the place. This backside ollie went down as Joe Moore was destroying the manual pad at the other side of the park –20-foot long frontside flip fakie manual pop-outs on lock? Piss-take…


Exemplary arms shapes on display here from NOTE head and all-round good egg JJ. This noseblunt slide was performed on demand for CJ’s soul-stealer and oozed with style trained up at Urbis.


Cannabis Energy Drink: What will they think of next?

Jordan is another regular face at events across the country and can be relied on to produce bangers on any skateable surface. Here he is spreading his Welsh wings and soaring into backlip.


If you need to ask why Andy Scott is generally referred to as a ‘Jedi’ then you’ve not been paying enough attention. As always, Scotty rolled up grinning and then proceeded to lay down the law on both the midi ramp and the vert without breaking into a sweat.

This is what being a legend looks like.

Frontside flip mells to fakie in a handful of tries for Bolton and beyond!


Nelly was easy to spot in the park given that he was the only person skating in electric-blue Bermuda shorts thanks to an earlier altercation with a massive puddle during the trek to the skatepark. Luckily for him he managed to win himself a new pair of kegs for the long journey back to London, before donning a Santa suit to drop this seasonally-affected backside lipslide.

Nelly, Reuben Dehaan and a couple of other London heads made the effort to leave London, bunk the train and turn up at the park drenched and with nowhere to stay and still, in their own words, “have the best weekend ever!"

Big up the youth in search of the vibe. Follow suit.


“Do you want to shoot some more photos Andy?"

“Yeah – just set your camera up and I’ll think of something Chris…"

Huge slob air with Yoda-composure.


This kid is the living personification of the word ‘keen’ and despite living in the middle of nowhere in the Cambridgeshire bog lands can be relied on to turn up and rip wherever there’s something to be ripped. A young lad with a big bag of tricks - here’s one of them.


If there were a ‘nicest guy in skateboarding’ award then Matthew ‘Nev’ Nevitt would win it. His stories may have a habit of tailing off towards the promised punch line, but his skating is as reliable as a Kennedy funeral.

Over the box to lipslide down the edge: good lad!


You know that feeling when you were the first human to land a kickflip 540 but then you didn’t want to deal with the realities of living in the USA and being a super-pro so you moved back to Bolton? No, me either – but Scotty does.

All hail Brian Potter. Kickflip indy high above the streets and houses.


The Roon is slowly growing into power Hobbit mode and can regularly be seen merking it all over the country. Here we see him keeping Percy Dean happy with excellent back pocket sticker placement mid front blunt whilst Damo has a lie down in the background.

Rooney basically lives up a mountain and driving him home almost burned my clutch out…again. Next time you see him, ask him about his vampire pet rabbit that he and his dad had to set free on the moors for their own safety.


Cornish import Pablo moved to Manchester from pasty-land a couple of years ago and has quickly established him self as a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Manchester. Here he is scratching the paint off his back truck via frontside feeble.