Another weekend - another banging event in Manchester.

You can rely on the Mancs to get involved regardless of bitterly cold winds and the frantic insanity of the last weekend before Xmas.

"Christmas shopping? Shove it up your arse - I'm going Pumpcage!"

Saturday's shindig was in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Projekts and as such saw a huge crew of locals and not so locals descend on the Cage for a bunch of chaotic best trick jams with Stu Reynolds on the mic hurling abuse and free product towards the worthy. Big up all at Projekts, Blacksheep and everyone else who made this happen

Now go look at the photos and watch the clip!

Andy Scott-Backside Bonless

Scotty is on one again! Not that anyone ought to be surprised really but that's two events back-to-back where Andy has blessed all present with an overdose of Jedi mind tricks this past week like the beast he is.

Unusually for Andy he took a fair few slams on this one so that should tell you how bonkers this move is. Taking your run up through a cloud of ledge technicians all snaking each other is bad enough, but add to that planting your foot on a wet and bendy fence and leaping back into a 2ft tranny and you're looking at the potential for pain. Happily for Andy, he managed to avoid most of the potential agony, leaving my shin to take the brunt of it due to a badly chosen filming spot.

Andy being Andy didn't really count this as a 'proper make' but I think we can let him off. Go watch the footage and decide for yourselves...

His facial expression says it all.

Charlie birch-Frontside Wallride

Little head Birch is a campaigner these days and turns up to almost anything going on, usual with Rauiri 'cat burglar' Jones in tow. These two keep the Lost Art flame lit and managed to squeeze in going street skating and ripping it up in the Jam. Big up the Croc fam'

Jiri Bulin-Switch Backsid Tailslide

Once you move to MCR you never leave, at least not if Stu Reynolds has anything to do with it. After moving to Manchester from the Czech Republic a few years ago, George is now a main face on the scene and can be relied on to turn up and kill it with a massive grin across his chops. This switch backtail was done first or second try. Jesus wept. George kills it.

Rikk Fields-Backside Overcrook

The first words that Rikk said to me on his arrival were, “I’m hanging mate – I was up getting pissed till 7am this morning". They make ‘em tough in Wigan though so lack of sleep and a thumping hangover did nothing to quell Rikk’s desire to lob himself around the park like a maniac. This no-handed nosepick revert was just one of a smattering of bangers thrown out like a mouldy butter pie by the moustachio’d power midget. “Macca were thurr…"

Rikk Fields-Can Fly

Yep – here he is again, making Satan proud with a lofty alley-oop frontside air on the biggest obstacle in the park. Don’t mess with Wigan.

Rob Smith-Transfer to Fence Ride

You can always rely on Rob to come up with a line that nobody’s seen before and to then crush it with customary ‘anger-face’ on t’dial. Rob flew out of the wallride ramp, across the channel, landing into frontside wallride on the slippery fence in no time at all. What a beast. “Here we go!"

Stu Reynolds-Fakie Wallride

He’s older than your dad (probably) but there’s no stopping old man Reynolds when he’s on one. Stu is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the board and so, when he wasn’t hurling abuse and variations of the word ‘mosher’ at anyone in earshot after commandeering the microphone, he could be seen riding backwards up walls like being 40 meant nothing. Can’t front on the veterans. Big up the Tenerife massive.

The Grindle-Hardflip Backside Lipslide

Quite fitting that we finish off with the flame-haired maniac from Norfolk seeing as he and his mates made the journey up to MCR the weekend before for the ‘Skate don’t Hibernate’ event at Beast Rampz and then stayed in a Travel Lodge all week so that they could attend this Jam too. Now that is dedication.

James first came to our attention via a web clip that he sent in as part of the adidas Skate Copa event earlier in the summer. He blew our minds via that YouTube clip and quickly became an office favourite due to the mind-bending technicality of his skating. Ever seen anyone do a backlip Rick flip out before? No, we hadn’t either until we met this nutter.

This hardflip backlip went down amidst one of the craziest skatepark jam sessions that I’ve seen in years in not as many tries as you’d expect and left The Grindle beaming as it was the first one he’d ever landed. This is the OG way to ‘come up’ – if you want to get noticed and get involved with the wider skate scene then get off your arses and travel. James did and by the end of his week in MCR he’d won enough product to open his own skate shop. Respect James – keep it coming!