This is guaranteed to clear away the Monday blues! Crack a cold one, sit back and get hyped - the streets of London get hit hard in Yah Bru 2. In their own words;

The Over 30’s club is proud to present, the latest WASC production, Yah Bru 2. Featuring the talents of Patient Mike (Daley), Brendan Ryall, Irish Steve, Ben Phillips, Shrederic Davis, Gavin, Maaaaaaaak Brewster, Kevin Parrot and DJ Tommo from Ibiza – it was filmed in 2014 on the streets of London, often right by ma hause.

As Bryce from Parlour Skate Store so poignantly put it, we’ve spent the last year “basking in a fun fountain of eternal youth." (said fountain is full of Red Stripe Cans). We hope that watching this infects you with a little bit of Peter Pan syndrome and reignites the flame. See you out there.