This year's War of the Thistles took place at Transition Park in Aberdeen and at Kaos Skatepark in East Kilbride. Celebrating 10 years of WOTT these were two days that we couldn't miss out on.

The drive to Aberdeen was epic and only topped by having to drive another 3 hours the next day. But as you can see from the edit and photos it was a banger. The chaos that ensued was fruitful, exciting and best of all everyone hooked up with a whole new bunch of mates...

Roll on WAR11. Next time we may fly.

Massive thanks to Ali Menzies, Transition Skatepark, Kaos Skatepark, everyone that made the pilgrimage and the whole Scottish skateboard community. Extra thanks to Darren Pearcy from Rollersnakes for the support and filming duties.



Nick Roberts ate the miniramp and fixed a camp bed


Andy White looking for routes less traveled - backside flip the channel gap


Tom tried this in amongst the madness that was the street comp to no avail so I donned my bullying gloves and sweet talked him in to nailing it. Boss!


Colin has to be seen to be believed. He's powered by devil diesel or something very similar to what ever that is. Ten billion miles an hour enjoyment.


James can do tricks that you can't even name and pretty much on request. More please! This hardflip backlip was done a lot more than once...


Aaron quietly killed various parts of both parks with more than a tad of grace


Eddie essentially drove from Land's End to John O'Groats - what a beast!


Sam reached Aberdeen at the end of a week long tour - but still managed to tear both parks a new one


After chasing the Tasmanian Devil from out of the fullpipe Colin threw this stalefish at me. SHAPES!


A hectic session saw the back wall get a booting - Benson was straight up there


Rob scared the kids as per usual and showed no regard for his own life. Classic


Nursing (or not nursing actually) a battered arm from stage diving onto an empty dance floor in Sweden. Div demanded that we shoot a photo involving his stinking sling - so here you go


Alex ATV'd it on both days using his unique rubber steez to gather a shitload more admirers. A worthy winner for sure!


Finnian Martin is either 9 or 10 but he was holding it down with blokes double, triple and maybe even quad that


The street comp at East Kilbride was just as hectic as the Aberdeen one, but Eddie managed to thread the human needle to get this FSNG with added shapes


This is the sort of shit that makes Rob Smith drool - maniac


Andy warmed up for his kickflip to flat in the big bowl by frontside flipping the handrail during rush hour


Let's finish this off with a banger - no animals were harmed whilst shooting this close quarter doubles