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If last week's Vaughan Baker Footage Feast whetted your appetite, here's another course in the form of ten of our favourite single lines he has committed to film - get stuck in below!

Above photo: Chris Johnson

This one comes in the midst of a miniramp tech onslaught; kickflip fakie, tre fakie, nollie backside flip, switch flip. The line at 1:15 is pretty mind blowing too, (switch stalefish anyone?), while a post miniramp attack line sees both a regular and mongo push all in one between trick period!

A fakie flip down a small but grimy stair set leads into a monster kickflip at the old Broadmarsh Banks.

Kickflip then ollie down two sizeable stair sets that look like they might be in a garden centre; I always liked the aesthetic of this one, created as it is by a combination of steez, background and gnar.

Vaughan floats a nollie then a frontside flip over two rails at the car park spot of dreams.

Grey skies, car parks and two fences with drops behind them - definitely a small town UK spot, this line is rad.

High speed tech radness with a switch frontside 180 over a bin, nollie tre then shuvit nosegrind.

Another tech one, this kicking off with a nollie heel, a solid nollie nosegrind and finally a lengthy backside heel.

High speeds and high ledges make for good viewing.

Two tricks on a rad looking bank spot with just the right levels of crust...

...and speaking of crust, there are worse ways to finish a post than with a clip at the Southbank's lesser seen stairs - the haggard ones hidden upstairs like a mad old aunt in a gothic horror story. Vaughan fakie flips the three before twisting round and nollie flipping the big 'un, like a boss.