MC portrait

To back up last week's post run down of our favourite Mike Carroll moments, here is the streamlined version - our favourite single lines for a short sharp steez overload! Precision tech, vert lip wizardy or fast-as-fuck gnarliness, MC has got it dialled.

It's tough to pick out a single line that Carroll has done at EMB but this one from Questionable is a belter, kicked off with a high speed front shuv before a sly stance change up for a switch boardslide to forwards. A cheeky 360 shuv precedes a couple of pushes towards the C block before an ollie up, frontside 360 off at speed. In home territory as it was, this could well have been a line Carroll could put down on request but that does nothing to detract from how gnarly it looks set to some Beastie Boys insanity.

Carroll's lesser seen vert skills are in full effect here with a checklist of lip tricks you wish you had dialled; coming in from a feeble fakie straight into a fakie boardslide the hard way before carrying on with a back lipslide and back tailslide. A noseslide to fakie requires a rabid pump to reach a fakie pop switch rock n roll on the opposite wall, straight into a switch newer deal.

This one deserves a mention just to highlight Carroll's place in the growth of switch skateboarding. A wild looking flail-armed switch backside 180 gets him up four stairs before a nollie frontside flip and a chilling switch flip off of the curb. A revert leaves room for a tre flip whilst crossing the road before a frontside 180 up the curb and a switch ollie over a good sized planter into a downhill slope. Fade out on a snapped switch frontside 180, and the jobs a good 'un!

This always seems like Carroll is getting himself more hyped with each landed trick - a kickflip in the road, a nollie backside flip up the curb, a switch backside 180 and a tre flip - to reach the necessary zen state of composure for the back lipslide down a handrail. This seamlessly melds nighttime city cruising vibes with gnarly finish; and check the shapes as he rolls away...

There's always something pleasing about mirror image tricks in a line, especially when they are done full pelt at a classic spot like the Venice Beach benches. A switch flip over an empty planter space kicks things off before two pushes to reach mach ten for a half cab crook which makes a satisfyingly rugged crunching sound. Mike then weaves through to the other side of the benches and chucks in another push on his way to a nollie half cab crook. Sound, symmetry, style and ability combine to create a perfect storm of rad.

MC looks like he's asleep at the wheel for this deceptively chilled line at San Francisco's Bay Blocks. This one just seems to flow, with a switch flip across the first gap and then a switch frontside 180 over the next with added barrier clearance. The gap to tailslide, the back 180 and the switch crook are all stomped with seemingly minimal effort - meaning that your synapses will take some time to register how hard that shit actually is.

A classic U.S. schoolyard bench set up gets a seeing to - shapes on the tail and snaps on the frontside flip are what makes this one!

This night skating line from Modus Operandi sees every trick stomped so hard you'd think he was pursuing a vendetta against the wood under his feet. This highlights just how solid the dude's switch frontside big spin is, while the hardflip at the end is straight up icing!

This line from Fully Flared is reminiscent of his closing line from Virtual Reality 14 years earlier, a line which seems to take in an entire street before a solid hammer. Ollieing over a fence into the street, Carroll cruises down the middle of the road throwing down a flatground 360 shuv and a tre flip over a grate before a quick pop over the manhole immediately placed in his landing. A frontside flip takes him up the curb and into the plaza-style entrance to a building, where a switch frontside 180 down three leads to a backside flip down heftier fair, off the curb and into traffic. Imagine trying to keep up on a street mission...

This combination of speed and technical proficiency seemed like the perfect closing clip and gets better with every watch. A high velocity switch front 180 up a gap to manny and a quick pop to avoid the mud before smashing a frontside flip hurricane into a ledge. Try this trick at a snail's pace then picture doing it at full speed, next level shit!