It's been a little while now since the promo dropped, but we're pleased to announce that “Yam Dat", the all new video by the grime MC of filming himself, Mr Dane “Morph" Crook, is going to be blessing your eyes, brains and sensors very soon. And by "soon" I actually mean this coming weekend.

For the next three Sundays we'll be bringing you two sections a week from Morphs new zooted masterpiece which is full of London based comedy and raw skateboarding from Jak Pietryga, Neil Smith, Chewy Cannon, Joe Buddle, Mark Baines, John Tanner and more heads than you can shake the remains of a savaged chicken leg at.

You know this is going to be amazing – watch the first teaser below and head back on Sunday for the first two sections.

Yam Dat!

Yam Dat teaser >>