In honour of the coming weeks Etnies 'Tea, Tapas and Tres' England/Spanish jaunt, we're passing the Sunday Service baton to our good mate Christoph 'Willow' Wildgrub as we bring his part from Almost Skateboards 2012 DVD offering '5 Incher' back in front of your weary eyeballs.

Be sure to go meet up with Willow and his fellow Etnies teammates Ryan Sheckler, Chris Joslin, Barney Page, Julian Davidson, Ryan Lay, Silvester Eduardo and Trevor McClung as they hit London for a '30th Anniversary of Etnies' photo exhibition at Studio Spaces on Kingsland Rd on July 7th, followed by demos and signings in Bristol (on July 8th) and Manchester (July 10th).

For more details on the 'Tea, Tapas and Tres' tour, head here.